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Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby Do you want flirty lashes that you can wear every...

Price £9.49

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive If you’re jetting off somewhere sunny, these...

Price £9.49


Paparazzi Ready for your Hollywood moment? These lashes will...

Price £9.49

Welcome To Ibiza

'Welcome to Ibiza' Strip Lashes  Planning on chasing the sun?...

Price £9.49


'Xscape' Strip Lashes  These lashes are all about volume,...

Price £9.49

Yes Boss

'Yes Boss' Strip Lashes These falsies will give you an...

Price £9.49


Long Eyelash Strips 

Long strip lashes collection offers a full range of voluminous lashes to suit everyone's taste and perfectly fit any eye shape. These stunning lashes will emphasise your eyes and create maximum length and fullness to your natural lashes while being very comfortable to wear. Ideal for passionate and captivating eye looks.

Looking for some real wispier that would make you look stunning and be the center of attraction in that event? All4Lashes Long Strip Lashes are what you need. Our long strip lashes are the best you can find in the market - with solid proof to back up this claim. These lashes are easy to apply, remove, and can be reapplied. They are available in different varieties so you can get the perfect colors, styles, and lengths you need. More interestingly, our long strip lashes are sold at unbeatable prices. Get any of these to complement your fashion and start looking stunning!

Why Choose All4Lashes Long Strip Lashes?

l  We offer a variety of Long Strip Lashes - different colors, shapes, and textures.

l  Our long strip lashes are preferred by many make up artists.

l  All4Lashes eyelashes are offered at unbeatable prices; you won't find any better prices elsewhere on the internet.

l  All long strip lashes available below are vetted by our professional team and they are really what you see in the pictures.

If you encounter issues shopping these long strip lashes, reach out to us and we’d respond as soon as possible.

False eyelash adhesive included.