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Barbados Party

Barbados Party Bring a touch of Barbados glamour to your...

Price £7.49

Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar Channel your inner Beyonce and Shakira with...

Price £6.99


Goddess God is a woman – and she wears faux mink lashes! Show...

Price £7.49


Goldeneye Channel your inner bond girl with our Goldeneye...

Price £7.49

Into You

Into You Girl, we’re into you! Make the right first...

Price £7.49


J’Adore Chase your dreams with our Parisian inspired...

Price £6.99


Jealous Be the talk of the town with these faux mink 3d...

Price £7.49

London Chick

London Chick Hey babe, London’s calling! These 3d luxury faux...

Price £6.99


Faux Mink 3D Eyelash Strips

Exclusive premium faux mink synthetic fibres, which imitates the natural mink hair style and gives the lashes a delicate non-artificial shine and comfortable wear. All4Lashes false eyelashes have a fluffy, feathery design that creates a natural look while offering sophisticated allure for any occasion. 

As the name implies, these are not real mink strip lashes; however, they are made from a synthetic material that tends to mimic the look and feel of real mink. The synthetic material used for this type of lashes is premium - not the regular synthetic you know. Faux mink strip lashes also last for a long time and are easy to apply or remove. These options available below are offered at the best prices possible and you'd get exactly what you see on the product images.


Why Choose All4Lashes Faux Mink Strip Lashes?

-  We strive to maintain our reputation by offering the best quality faux mink strip lashes at the best prices.

-  These faux mink strip lashes are well made to offer almost the same look and feel as real mint strip lashes.

-  Buy in packs and save a lot more.

-  The synthetic material used in making these lashes is premium and offers great comfort.

-  Our customer support team is readily available to attend to your complaints and/or help you in making orders.


All4Lashes is dedicated to providing our customers with the best online shopping experience. 

False eyelash adhesive included.