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Thickness: 0.07


Masterpiece Mink Volume Lashes 

These mink volume lashes help you add volume and length to accentuate your natural lashes and create a stunning finish.

Masterpiece Mink lash trays offer 12 rows of lashes with C and D curls.

These handmade mink lashes offer a luxury experience with a deep and rich black shade that creates a velvety texture. 

They’re lightweight and ideal for creating a voluminous natural look. 

If you prefer a more subtle look, check out our Classic Lashes.


  • 100% handmade mink volume lashes

  • 0.05 , 0.07 thickness

  • 8mm-16mm 

  • Glue-free with non-stick tape

  • Perfect for beautiful fan lashes.

Masterpiece Mink Volume Lashes 


Our single-length trays are a must-have for your professional kit or any budding lash tech. 

The non-stick 2mm tape makes it easy to apply and detach your lashes, which are glue-free.

Our Masterpiece Mink Volume lashes are easy to apply, and we recommend using professional tweezers to help with the application.

Masterpiece Mink will help you to achieve that lifted-looking lashes set without the fake effect.

Our lashes are ready to deliver the best quality at affordable price for your precious clients!

The All4Lashes falsies come with a latex-free adhesive for easy application. We recommend using a pair of tweezers to steady the lashes while adding the adhesive to make them easier to apply against the lash line. 

Make sure to keep the box on hand to store your lashes between uses. You can expect to get around fifteen wears from our lashes if you give them a little TLC between uses.


  • 12 rows single length tray (8mm – 16mm)

  • CURL: C, D

  • THICKNESS: 0,05; 0,07; 0,20; 0,25

  • 100% handmade product

  • Perfect for mega dark volume and classic look

  • Deep rich black colour

  • Non – stick tape (lashes are free of glue)

  • Velvety and lush

  • Easy to create beautiful fans

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