Masterpiece Mink 0.05

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Thickness: 0.05


Masterpiece Mink Volume Lashes 

These mink volume lashes help you add volume and length to accentuate your natural lashes and create a stunning finish.

Masterpiece Mink lash trays offer 12 rows of lashes with C and D curls.

These handmade mink lashes offer a luxury experience with a deep and rich black shade that creates a velvety texture. 

They’re lightweight and ideal for creating a voluminous natural look. 

If you prefer a more subtle look, check out our Classic Lashes.


  • 100% handmade mink volume lashes

  • 0.05 , 0.07 thickness

  • 8mm-16mm 

  • Glue-free with non-stick tape

  • Perfect for beautiful fan lashes.

Masterpiece Mink Volume Lashes 


Our single-length trays are a must-have for your professional kit or any budding lash tech. 

The non-stick 2mm tape makes it easy to apply and detach your lashes, which are glue-free.

Our Masterpiece Mink Volume lashes are easy to apply, and we recommend using professional tweezers to help with the application.

Masterpiece Mink will help you to achieve that lifted-looking lashes set without the fake effect.

Our lashes are ready to deliver the best quality at affordable price for your precious clients!

  • 12 rows single length tray (8mm – 16mm)

  • CURL: C, D

  • THICKNESS: 0,05; 0,07; 0,20; 0,25

  • 100% handmade product

  • Perfect for mega dark volume and classic look

  • Deep rich black colour

  • Non – stick tape (lashes are free of glue)

  • Velvety and lush

  • Easy to create beautiful fans

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