What Can I Use To Clean Eyelash Extensions At Home

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By now you’ve probably flaunted your brand-new eyelash extensions around with pride. We know, it’s a huge upgrade. So what about the not-so-glamourous part? You have no idea how to clean lash extensions at home and you’re yet ready to stick with your dirty eyelash extensions and make it work- obviously. 

Look, we get it! Some gals invest in fur coats, but your stellar fur splurge of choice is treating yourself to gorgeous mink eyelash extensions that offer that oh-so-coveted volume. What do those two have in common? Just like taking proper care of your precious fur coat, the best tips for cleaning eyelash extensions will save you time and money.

Don’t fret, professional eyelash extension products are our forte, and “What can I use to clean lash extensions?” is the most frequently asked question we get.


How to clean lash extensions at home

We’ve previously shared some tips on how to get spray tan with eyelash extension; spoiler alert: don’t get in contact with water for the next 24-48 hours and stay away from oil-based products that often assist in dissolving the lash adhesive. Let’s follow the same principles here, minus the water part.


Lash Foam & Brush Set

Use glycol-free and oil-free remover to get rid of your eye makeup when you are on a mission to clean lash extensions at home. 

Step 1: First, use cool water to wet your eyes and lashes. Take the eyelash cleansing brush and dispense a single pump of lash foam on it and start wiping across the lid. You can use it in the regular “swipe away” motion but not towards your lashes. Use it as a part of your daily routine to clean lash extensions at home.

Pro tip: When we are thinking of dirty eyelash extensions, oil and residue are our most dreaded words. So make sure to take care of lash extensions carefully. 

Step 2: Rinse the cleansing brush and continue to run it through your lashes until all the cleansing foam is washed away. Go ahead and gently splash water on the eye area to finish the easy cleaning lash extensions at home process.

Step 3: Now that dirty eyelash extensions are not a part of the picture, dab your lashes until they are dry or let them dry naturally. 

How to take care of lash extensions? 

Oil-based formulas like canola oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, and coconut oil cleansers weaken the glue. When the glue gets weak, the lash extensions begin to fall off - and we don’t want that! 

So, I already know what to use to clean eyelash extensions at home, how do I keep them looking stunning, we hear you ask.

Each morning opt for a  spoolie (aka your trusted mascara wand and )  brush your eyelash tips to keep them looking fluff and voluminous.  

Now that your eyelash extension cleaning became a breeze, head over to all4lashes to discover the most glam-proof ways to enhance your eye look. 

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