Can You Get A Spray Tan Or Sunbed With Eyelash Extensions?

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Can You Get A Spray Tan Or Sunbed With Eyelash Extensions?

Not that the holiday season is almost upon us, the question of whether or not you can get a spray tan with eyelash extensions or use a sunbed is probably living rent-free in your head. Oh yes, professional eyelash extensions; the easiest way to enhance your eye look when you are sick and tired of applying falsies, and there is not enough mascara in the whole wide universe for you to add volume. 

Think of them as an instant facelift that can transform those dainty little hairs from timid to camera-ready with little effort on your part. That’s even more true when you consider getting a spray tan with eyelash extensions ahead of time — hello sunkissed beauty.

We might be a bit biased because we absolutely love our eyelash extension products for stylists, but these beauties definitely worth the extra hassle. So, can you get a spray tan with eyelash extensions? The short answer is yes; let us explain.

Should you spray tan or eyelash extensions first?

Luckily for you, the application process is pretty easy and straightforward, making it possible for you to get your lashes done before going for a spray tan. Nonetheless, there are still some precautions you need to take.

In order for your eyelash extensions to be gorgeous and sturdy, you have to allow at least 4 hours for the glue to completely dry. That means that as much as you want to hop on a sunbed, no moisture can come in contact with your newly-added lashes. It’s extremely important to not rush the curing process, otherwise, you may cause poor retention of your extensions.

 So, why is this a problem for my spray tan, we hear you asking. The spray tanning solution needs to be washed off, hence the glue should be completely cured before you start the process. While you can get eyelash extensions before spray tan, it would be best to opt for a solution that isn’t oil-based. Water-based solutions are the best option as oil often assists in dissolving the lash adhesive — no, thank you!

 It goes without saying that if you have gotten your eyelash extensions done before a spray tan, you should absolutely stay away from spraying your eye area. Luckily, there is protective eyewear just for that. The rule also applies to sunbeds. The UV rays can weaken the lash adhesive, but luckily, eyewear is once again here to make the entire sunbed with eyelash extensions sesh a breeze.

How About Eyelash Extensions After Spray Tan?

Granted, this is by far the most ideal option — if your schedule is free. When getting a spray tan, the waiting time may vary, but in general, you will need to wait for a few hours. Then, as soon as you’ve washed off the solution, go ahead and proceed with the eyelash extension application. This way, you can relax and enjoy the pampering, styling, and shaping sesh with no care in the world.

So, Spray Tan Or Eyelash Extensions First? The Conclusion

While you can get a spray tan with eyelash extensions as well as use a sunbed, it would be best to spend some extra time and book two different appointments. Now, admittedly not everyone has that much time on their hands. The next best option is to book your eyelash extensions and tanning appointment on the same day, but make sure to get eyelash extensions first and then get a spray tan.

All in all, your main concern should be to wait for the curing process to finish before washing off the tanning solution. If you still aren’t sure if you want to take the extension plunge, there is a slew of False Lashes For The Holidays at your disposal — just saying. 


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