Can eyelash extensions make you look younger ?

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Can eyelash extensions turn back time and make you look younger?

As we age, our bodies and features do too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take years off our appearance without risky surgeries. Let’s focus on the eyelashes. Thanks to changes in hormones that slow hair growth, our lashes become thinner and lose color as we get older. This can be frustrating, but we have the perfect solution that will not only provide you with incredible lashes, but also take years off your appearance. 

Turn back time with the incredible benefits of lash extensions

Gravity is something no one can avoid. As women in their 40’s and 50’s continue to age, the skin around their eyes becomes thinner and can cause sagging. Pair that with thinned out eyelashes and it can be frustrating. But that’s where we come in! Eyelash extensions are the perfect opportunity to painlessly combat signs of aging. 

With false eyelashes, your eyes will take on a more youthful appearance as they’ll look fuller and more noticeable. Eyelash extensions create an appearance that draws away from any skin around your eyes by widening the appearance. This is because the curl of the eyelashes instantly provides a lifted appearance of your eyes.

Another bonus? You’ll not need to use as much makeup. This is great because as we age, makeup settles into every crease or line in the skin. This can cause makeup to smudge or show imperfections. Eyelash extensions are beneficial because they don’t require as much makeup. They pull all the focus directly to your eyes, creating a beautiful and lifted shape with their thicker and darker appearance. You’ll visibly appear more awake and alert, and your eyes will stand out and be much more visible.

Completely customize your look with eyelash extensions

Having a set of false eyelashes also gives you the ability to completely customize your look. You decide how thick or long you want your lashes to be. This is a huge benefit for those with extra thin and short lashes. If you’re just starting out and not sure, opt for a shorter or medium length lash to see how you like them. You can choose strip lashes like our Beautiful Liar set that are easy to install and remove, or opt for a more semi-permanent option like our Masterpiece Mink 0.25 individuals if you don’t want to remove them same day. 

Adding lashes can dramatically reduce the appearance of aging without painful cosmetic surgeries. The opportunities are endless for shape, length, and fullness. It completely depends on what you prefer for your eyes. 

In summary - can eyelash extensions make you look younger?

Eyelash extensions can be worn at any makeup appropriate age but are a great way for mature eyes to stand out while appearing more youthful. They don’t require harsh chemicals to remove your makeup daily, leaving the skin around your eyes protected. They also cut down on time to get ready for the day as they’re always ready to go without having to apply a ton of eye makeup. If you’re ready to try false lashes check out our products here. 

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