Best False Lashes For The Holidays: Party Season Makeup Ideas

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Best False Lashes For The Holidays: Party Season Makeup Ideas


The festive season is just around the corner (sort of), and now is the best time to start brainstorming on the best party season makeup ideas with voluminous false lashes for the holidays. That’s why we crafted the perfect list of faux mink strip lashes as well as real mink 3D lashes to make the whole process a breeze.

As far as beauty and makeup stalwarts go, we all have our fair share of trusted beauty products ready for grabs. Nonetheless, as soon as the city-scape turns into an orange galore and all the saturated hues take over, chances are that an array of holiday makeup looks featuring show-stopping false lashes are already living rent-free in your head. No judgment there –  we’ve all been daydreaming of our future sartorial and beauty upgrades, aren’t we? 

With the holiday season almost upon us, we are officially ready to step into the metallic smokey eye and dramatic contouring territory. You see, the months leading up to Christmas are pretty much the only time of the year when it’s socially encouraged to adorn ourselves with shocking-to-no-one red lips, glitter, and the best faux mink eyelashes money can buy from day to night. Everything is permitted during the holidays, isn’t it?

Upgrade your party season makeup with voluminous false lashes

Luckily the top 2021 beauty trends are once again on our side. This year’s holiday makeup looks are infused with utter optimism, alluring color palettes, and vivid flashbacks of previous eras. The best part? From dramatic eye looks featuring an array of highly-coveted faux mink luxury 3D eyelashes,  handmade mink lashes, and eyelash extensions professional products, there is something out there for everyone.

Obviously, we are a bit biased around here because let’s face it, we are absolutely enamoured with eye-enhancing beauty products. And when it comes to the best eyelash extensions online, we might also have a thing or two (or ten) under our sleeves. Nonetheless, today is all about ethically sourced, cruelty-free mink lashes and faux 3D mink lashes.

No matter if you are a newbie with no idea about the real difference between eyelash extensions vs false lashes or you are already a beauty aficionado, we have a plethora of guides for you. We rounded up the most noteworthy false lashes 2021 has to offer for the party season ahead.  


Best faux mink strip lashes for the holidays


Barbados Party

Only a handful of things can boost your confidence in an instant more than a stellar pair of mink volume lashes. These cruelty-free faux mink lashes imitate the texture of natural lashes while also adding a subtle shine that gives them a wispy look. Now that the smokey-eye season is fastly approaching, you can put your skills to the test and create those enviable party makeup looks. Of course, if you prefer the barely-there-makeup aesthetic, these faux mink 3d lashes are also here to serves a neutral eye look you’ll love.




Maybe 2021 is the quintessential time to turn up the glam and channel your inner bond girl with these luxury faux mink 3d lashes. They will be your best ally during this party season (and beyond). Add a rich coat of black winged liner to create that oh-so-seductive look. Just imagine how gorgeous all your holiday selfies would look rocking these handmade faux mink lashes.




Let’s just say that you’ll perfectly understand the thought behind the name of these 3D lashes as soon as the first few people start to approach you asking about them. Evidently, our holiday makeup looks deserve a little extra drama and length however, no one is stopping you from keeping your eye makeup natural with a blend of light metallics and our handmade faux mink lashes.



Best real mink strip lashes for the party season


Dress To Kill

Get those holiday double taps on all your future snaps with a pair of  Dess To Kill high-quality mink lashes. You already know deep down that no party ensemble is complete without a show-stopping pair of lashes. Go for a vibrant eyeshadow look or embrace a more dark and seductive color palette, the options are endless.



Diamonds Are Forever

Whoever decided that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, clearly didn’t own a pair of luxury mink lashes. These holiday makeup must-haves serve the ideal doses of length and volume. Of course, you can wear them in your day-to-day life, but the party season is when our 3D lashes really shine.



Killin’ it

Whether you are planning on adopting a sultry smoky eye or you are ready to channel your inner Cleopatra with a long cat-wing liner to make everyone stop and stare, consider this your chance.  Opt for an eyelash curler to blend your falsies and natural lashes together for an all-day-round look.



Mega volume strip lashes for striking party makeup looks

While some of the aforementioned luxury strip lashes are more than able to give that hyper-dramatic eye makeup look we all love so much, the list below is for serious-party goers only.


Maybe baby

Consider this pair as an excellent choice to add bewitching volume, and length to your lashes without having to book a semi-permanent extensions appointment. Maybe Baby is your next go-to luxury mink lashes set that can perfectly complement both your golden smoky eye and all your future natural looks.




Let’s take the glitz and glam of Hollywood to your next IG selfie with a pair of real mink 3D lashes that deserve all the attention. These beauties will look extremely cute with a sculpted brow look and a bold red lip. If you want to embrace the Christmas party mood even more, blend your metallic shadows to perfection and you are ready to go!


Head over to All4Lashes to discover even more splurge-worthy party false lashes to enhance and define all your future makeup looks with ease.

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