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Cream Remover 10g

  All4Lashes Cream Remover is your newest go-to product....

Price £10.99


Eyelash Extensions Removers


It removes all eyelashes adhesives without forcing and pulling the natural lashes.

To prevent damaging your natural lashes, eyelash extensions are best removed professionally. A specific gel or cream remover is used, and the treatment usually takes between 10-15 minutes.

Removing your eyelash extensions needs a good eyelash extension remover that would not cause any reaction on your skin or even cause injuries. There are different types of eyelash extension removers, and you can find make a perfect choice from the many ones below. These eyelash extension removers act pretty fast - even on the strongest adhesive. Apparently, these lashes removers work in less than 60 seconds of application.

More so, these lash removers are approved by various reputable bodies, and they are safe for personal and commercial use. We carefully scrutinize all products listed in our store; thus, we are confident that any of these eyelash extension removers would work perfectly and would not react to any skin. However, we'd advise that you apply them carefully. Also, you can shop for the best eyelash primer from this store at the best prices possible.

Why Choose From Our Eyelashes Extension Removers

All lash removers listed on our website are verified by our team, and we assure you that they are the best you can get anywhere. These removers do not cause discomfort; they are safe to apply on any skin and would not run down into the eye.

More so, they have nice, comforting scents, and the prices are the best you can ever get in the market. Interestingly, our support team can assist you in making the right choice for eyelash extension removers.

If you encounter any issues while placing your order, our support team will act immediately to process your order and also fast track the delivery. Assuredly, these lashes removers are mild on all skin types; they are the sort-after options in the market right now.