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Primer 15ml

  Our All4Lashes Primer is a must have to get those lashes of...

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Eyelash Extensions Primer

If you want to achieve perfect eyelash fixing, there are certain prerequisites to adhere to. First, you need to treat the natural lashes before bonding them with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension primers are applied to natural lashes before adding lash extensions. There are many reasons for applying primers; however, the most common reason is to achieve faster attachment time - to make lash extensions glue faster. Primers dissolve oil or makeup residue that may remain on natural lashes, and as such makes it easier for extensions to glue properly, comfortably. When the best eyelash extensions primer is used, fixing lash extensions becomes much easier and more comfortable.

Another important function of lash extensions primer is balancing the pH level of natural lashes for stronger bonding. Primers can also help to improve lash retention, in other words, they contribute to making your artificial lashes last for a longer time.

What Are The Best Eyelash Extensions Primer?

There are a lot of stores out that claim to offer the best lashes extensions primer; however, these ones on our store are professionally selected. Our team comprises experienced technicians and beauticians that understand the difference between fake beauty products and original ones.

More so, we offer the best eyelash extensions primer at unbeatable prices. These carefully selected lash extension primers are entirely safe to use on any skin, and they are also easy to use. They remove every iota of residue left on natural lashes so that the extensions will fit in properly and glue. You can use any of these primers for Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions. There are many options to choose from - depending on your preference. If you're having a tough time choosing from any of these primers, simply reach out to our support and get instant help.