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Cream Remover 10g

  All4Lashes Cream Remover is your newest go-to product....

Price £10.99

Glue ONE

  One Glue This product is the one glue you need! One Glue is...

Price £13.99


  Superstar Professional Eyelashes Extension Adhesive A...

Price £9.99

Lash Foam 50ml

  Our lash foam is perfect to prep your client’s natural...

Price £9.99

Magnetic Glue 5ml

  You’ve heard of magnetic eyelash adhesive, but you’ve never...

Price £9.99

Primer 15ml

  Our All4Lashes Primer is a must have to get those lashes of...

Price £8.99

Super Bonder 15ml

  All4Lashes Super Bonder maximizes lash retention and works...

Price £10.99


Adhesives dedicated for an eyelash extensions

All our adhesives are mainly designed to be used on professional eyelash extensions. All4Lashes products are created to be used on extensions – silk, mink, cashmere, individual, volume etc.  


Now your false lashes won't go rogue ever again. When you use subpar glues to stick false lashes, not only will it make you feel extremely uncomfortable, you'll always feel a scratchy sensation around the area. In contrast, when you use the right adhesives, you could wear your lashes for as long as you wish (depending on your lash cycle) and feel comfortable all the while. These eyelash adhesives provided below are top-quality, the best in the market, as verified by our professional eyelash technicians. Notwithstanding, different false eyelashes - either strips or extensions - are glued using different adhesives; hence, we have lots of adhesives you can choose from. If you're having difficulties in selecting which is best for you, reach out to our support for instant assistance.

Why Choose All4Lashes Adhesives?

l  Our eyelashes experts can help you in selecting the best adhesives that match the eyelashes extensions or strip you're about to apply.

l  We offer these eyelashes adhesives at the best prices possible.